Zebra Gallery / Gaby du Plooy

Zebra one gallery in Hampstead, London postures as a serious art gallery run by Gabrielle du Plooy who is currently being investigated by the police and inland revenue for fraud , for the non payment of VAT and for the theft a various artworks and the withholding of commission due to artists for sales going back several years. She has alienated many top photographers who were treated as mere fodder for Du Plooy’s expansive ego and venality. Du Plooy is a narcissist whose sole interest is in self promotion at any cost. She was unable to account for photographic prints that mysteriously ‘ disappeared’ , some of which were sold on e bay unbeknown to the hapless photographers who consigned their work in good faith, one such unfortunate whose trust has been callously exploited being the late Phillip Townsend who despite requesting the return of his work was told they had been lost. One of our research team spoke with Mr Townsend some weeks prior to his passing and he confirmed the foregoing His photos subsequently appeared on e bay placed there by Ms du Plooy . Such is her modus operandi in business.
Du Plooy engaged with the disgraced lawyer Charlotte Harris- whose unethical behaviour and racist bullying of a witness [ a Mr Olad] resulted in three complaints by Anthony Jayes LLP to to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority and the immediate loss of her job at Mishcon de Reya solicitors – and her friend Louise Proud, the sacked former head of photographs at Phillips auctions – in a civil action which according to disclosed documents was driven by ‘ class resentment and racial hatred’ to ‘crush’, in Du Plooy’s own phrase recorded in an email to Ms Proud, a well known and respected figure in the art world who had sought proper accounting, acting on suspicions of underpayments to himself and the artists he represented. We wish to thank Mr Jayes LLP and sources close to Ms Du Plooy for disclosing the aforementioned information.

Du Plooy’s friend Louise Proud’s dismissal from Phillips auctions came after several warnings from her boss Paul De Bono and Edward Dolman , the CEO of Phillips, to desist from making racial comments went unheeded. It appears from disclosed documents procured by the lawyer Anthony Jayes LLP [of Jayes/ Colliers solicitors ] by court order that Louise Proud has a history of racial abuse and , to quote Anthony Jayes’s letter to the lawyer Charlotte Harris , is a ‘ virulent racist’. Proud was arrested seven years ago for racially abusing a black hotel worker and was ordered to do several months community service and undergo psychiatric treatment. Her more recent abuse of an asian man made national news and we learned last week may be the subject of a documentary on institutional racism made by a producer associated with Sundance films in the US who made a documentary on Russell Brand ; There is also possible further legal action mooted against Phillips auctions. Several of Proud’s former colleagues at Phillips UK and US, including the department head, and a former colleague at Bloomsbury auctions who knew her 15 years ago talked with us on the condition of anonymity . We have also learned that Proud was recently arrested and questioned by the police for making anti semitic remarks about a jewish photographic dealer in London.

We wish to make it clear that the disclosed documents [ courtesy of Anthony Jayes solicitors LLP] neither state nor imply that Du Plooy is a racist , however there is a suspicion that her expressed hatred of an asian gentleman – whom she vowed in a disclosed email ‘ to crush’ – was partially racially motivated. We have reached this conclusion after speaking with several persons who know both Du Plooy and Louise Proud, including two of her former employers, Ms Nicola Mason and Mr Paul de Bono and a female journalist who investigated du Plooy’s malfeasance some years ago.